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Ewes on Lane in Pasture

          Hunter Ewes - Ewe Lambs 

Ewe Lambs for Sale 

All ewe lambs offered for sale go through a selective process to insure the best stock for our customers. All sheep sold will be sound and have no physical or genetic flaws. Scrapie resistance blood typing ins available on all stock. 

Ewe Lambs for Sale 2022 Winter _edited.j

Fill out our submission form to book your lambs today or call us at (765) 429-7622.


Equal Opportunity 

All groups are gate cut to ensure every buyer gets the "best" selection and opportunity when purchasing. 


Research Lamb Sales 

All Hunter Farm Sites are Bio-Secure and have stringent rules and regulations for entry. If a animal leaves a site, the animal cannot return to any Hunter Farm Site.  A variety of ages and weights are available with delivery across the U.S. Call today to schedule your delivery. (765) 429-7622. 

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