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Pulse Ag Solutions 

Pulse Ag LLC  brings solutions to producers. We offer nutritional consultation services not limited to feed formulation, ration balancing, and turnkey feeding programs. 

We specialize in sheep nutrition and design of optimal sheep  buildings, fencing, and handling facilities. We have worked globally to learn from the best and use the best practices in livestock handling facility design and management. 

Pulse Ag Exclusively offers food safe microchip RFID implants for all species. No tag loss, No shedding, and Food Safe. 

Nutrition and Feed Consultation 

Ovine Specialized - Feed Facility Design - Feed Mill Automation 

DFS Oskaloosa.JPG

Pasture Management & Livestock Handling

Full Design and Build. All Hardware Hot Dipped Galvanized and US & New Zealand sourced products. 

Sheep Barn North End View .jpg

Food Processor Safe RFID Implants

Food Processor Safe RFID Solutions.

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