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Farm Tour: Get to Know the Land

Updated: Mar 19

Get to know the Hunter Farmstead

Kyle Hunter Dorsets - Pulse Ag LLC

EASY LAMBING —Our ewes have lambs on there own. The lambs are up fast and nurse unassisted.

CLOSED FLOCK —100% Closed flock since 1988; linebred genetics for optimum performance predictability. Disease is minimal. We are free of Foot rot, OPP Pneumonia, B.Ovis, Caseous, and Q Fever.

PURE PRODUCTION DORSETS WITH SIZE —We have true Dorset type; heavy-muscled stock that also has good frame size. Our ewes are prolific, heavy milkers which produce fast gaining lambs.

ACCELERATED LAMBING GENETICS —Rams and ewe lambs available out of accelerated lambing ewes. We lamb 3 times per year at 7-8 month intervals. Our ewes will breed any season of the year!

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